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Revival has to be one of the most exciting words in the christian vocabulary. It literally means to Revive and to make Alive Again. The message of the Gospel is a Message of HEART Revival. Revival is coming back to the things of God and an Awakening to the knowledge of His Presence amongst us.


The Impact of revivals throughout history has affected all parts of society and it's inspiring to think of the collective change that revived hearts can bring to a lost world! 


You don't need to look far to see and hear a multitude of chirstians talking of a fresh sense of revival in the air today. There is a tangible expectation that God is moving in a collective way and it is exciting! 


This excitement is a great reminder to ensure you are prepared for what God is doing and that your heart is ready. 

God is the one who brings Revival, Not us, However it is through us that he brings it. 

He Revives our Hearts and in turn Revives churches, Schools, workplaces, communities and society. 

The question is, Are You Ready For Revival? Because ready or not, Revival Is Now!



Youth Advance is a gathering of young people who desire to see something shift in their generation

This is our Heart, That all might know Him

It’s Time To Advance!


Mark 16:20

And the apostles went out announcing the good news everywhere, as the lord himself consistently worked with them, validating the message they preached with miracle-signs that accompanied them!



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